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Scotland Sailing
Insights into Sailing in Scotland

Winter Yacht Care

November 25th, 2009 alison
Snow on the water

Snow on the water

Over the winter it can be hard to fit in looking after your boat around all the festivities. Let Charter For You take the pressure off and keep an eye on your yacht for you. Based at Kip Marina we can respond to the weather when you can’t and check that lines are secure and that electrical connections and equipment such as heaters and dehumidifiers are still working. A number of Winter Care / Guardianage packages are available, and can be tailored to suit your needs. All of which means you can enjoy all the other activities which winter brings while having peace of mind that your boat is being cared for.

Details are available from Charter For You. Fill in the contact form, or call us on 01475 528 825

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Tara in the Lochs

September 30th, 2009 alison

The magic of the lochs south of cap Wrath

Loch Laxford

Loch Laxford

Tara (known in some places as “TheYellow Boat”…) was lucky enough to sail from Kip to the Orkney’s and back during July/August 09. This was one of the most enjoyable area she has been cruising. The part of the cruise we all remember the most was the week sailing in the lochs just south of cap Wrath (Laxford, Bervie, Badcall, Nedd…): not only the scenery is moving and impressive, but during one week, we saw only one other sailboat: non need to go to Patagonia …go to cap Wrath ! While leaving our mooring early in the morning in the extreme end of loch Laxford, we ear a bell in the profound silence: it’s John Ridgway shaking his harm from his house on top of the hill overhanging his “English Rose” …this is only in north Scotland !

English Rose

English Rose

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