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Scotland Sailing
Insights into Sailing in Scotland

Celebration Daysail

June 17th, 2011 alison

Meet Linda and Colin who celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with Mainsail Yachting onboard “Pamina”.


After a slow start to Season 2011, plagued by strong winds and heavy rain, we were glad we managed to get them out for a sail and, despite the waterproofs, the day remained largely dry for them!


Thank you for sending us your photos. Skipper John, and crew Laura, had a fab day too and we hope to see you again soon!

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2010 so far…

September 13th, 2010 alison

The 2010 season at Charter For You has been a busy one with not much blogging time, but the changing weather which suggests that the sailing season may not have long left this year has produced a lull and the chance to look back at the season so far.

Our Bavaria 44 “Pamina” had enjoyed a winter sojourn in Lanzarote and made her way back to the Clyde during April. A trip via Madiera, Portugal, France and Ireland,  saw her arriving back at the end of the month with only a few weeks left before she was due out on her first charters. An erupting volcano couldn’t stop her making it back on time! Meanwhile the first RYA courses and bareboat charters of the season were underway.

“Pamina” had an exciting start to her season with a multi-boat stag party to take care of and then a trip to Scottish Series as mother ship to one of the racing boats, along with her usual daysails and family holidays where she got to tour her familiar waters of the Clyde. The other charter boats were also cruising the west coast in style. “Iona” took a few trips up and down the west coast to Badachro, Gairloch, and “Rotozaza” did some milebuilders from Inverkip to Oban so that she could enjoy some West Coast cruising with her owners before going on to do a long West Coast charter with some visitors from Germany. “Clan” also had been taken on a few trips around the Mull and back through the Crinan Canal.

“Blue” the Moody 54 was also doing some long distance cruising this year, after a weeks charter in the Clyde she took a trip up the West Coast and out to the Outer Hebrides for the Clyde Cruising Club’s centenary cruise. She partook in their sunflower of yachts in Loch Drambuie, before dropping her guests in Oban and heading back down to Kip Marina for the rest of the season.

Later “Pamina” was out again on a multi-yacht party and could be seen tearing her way down the Clyde to Lamlash on one of the windiest weekends of the year so far.

Pamina en route to Arran

Pamina en route to Arran

Although it’s raining now, the weather has really been quite kind to us this season. There has been plenty of breeze to provide fantastic sailing and really it is hard to beat sailing up the west coast, round villages and towns… (thank you Deacon Blue). Most of the charterers have experienced wind and sunshine with the odd rain shower, and, hopefully this will continue. Rainy it may be, but it is still warm and with the weather set to improve as the week goes on we hope that the rest of the charters and courses this year will get the weather they are wanting to make their holiday something special.

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Preparation for Yachtmaster Ocean 2009 by John Rigby Yachtmaster Instructor

February 11th, 2010 John

Early in 2009 a decision was made to take one of the charter yachts, Pamina a Bavaria 44, operated by Charter For You based at Inverkip to the Canaries for the winter of 2009. With the yacht making the return trip in the Spring of 2010.

Pamina en route

Pamina en route

Having worked for Charter For You for the past couple of seasons it was an ideal opportunity for me to work towards my Yachtmaster Ocean qualification.

I completed an intensive theory course in the spring which concentrated on celestial navigation and ocean passage making, but not without thinking that my brain was going into meltdown as I tried to get to grips with the theory behind sun sights and the use of the sextant. Bill the skipper for the whole of the voyage planned the trip in four legs. Inverkip to Southern Ireland, Northern Spain then Madeira, finally arriving in Lanzarote.

Approaching Madeira

Approaching Madeira

I joined the yacht for the leg from La Coruna to Madeira and attached is a link to the narrative log I kept for the 6 days it took to complete the passage.

The narrative log along with the ships log and sun sights taken en route were then presented to an Ocean Examiner for checking, with an oral exam of approximately 2 hours being the final part of the process, which I completed in October.

Although not intending to use the qualification in a professional manner, it was the culmination of a long held ambition of mine and well worth the effort.

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