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Scotland Sailing
Insights into Sailing in Scotland

Time to investigate a new destination?….The Glenuig Inn.

May 21st, 2012 alison

Glenuig Inn

The Glenuig Inn has now installed 10 Visitor Yacht Moorings in Glenuig Bay, including 2 for Yachts up to 15 tons and 8 for Yachts up to 10 tons.

The entrance to Glenuig Bay is at 56°50’N 05°49’W and our moorings are marked with Yellow Buoys. The text on the Buoys reads ‘Glenuig Inn’, ‘Pay at Bar’ & ‘Max 10 Tons’ or ‘Max 15 Tons’.

All are deep water moorings, with some outside and some inside the skerries; please call us to direct you to a suitable mooring for your needs.

Glenuig Bay has a Slipway that provides easy access for yachts, dive boats, dinghys, kayaks and fishing boats at almost all states of the tide, being both just a short walk and visible from the Inn.

Glenuig Bay

We charge £10 per 24 hours or part thereof, payable at the Bar in Glenuig Inn, which is fully refundable if you Dine with Us the same day or evening.

Glenuig Inn is open all day, every day, serving Sea-food and Home-cooked meals from 12.00pm to 9.00pm daily, all year round.

Bookings are not required, but please let us know if your party is 8 or more persons.

To slake your thirst we serve a good selection of Real Ales, Organic Wines, Malts & more for you to enjoy . . .

Please call us on 0795 735 6099 or email us on to book your mooring or for any enquiries . . . and we are pet friendly, so the ship’s dog can come ashore too!

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Get Sailing 2012

April 4th, 2012 alison

Easter is almost upon us and with it the start of the 2012 season. While some hardy folk have already been out sailing in the chillier weather, here at Mainsail we have been working away getting the boats all prepped for the forthcoming season, and waiting for some warmer weather! The first daysail is on Saturday 14th April and we still have some places left. Get the most out of your sailing season and come and join us for what will hopefully be some sunshine sailing!

Daysail relaxation

Daysail relaxation

Daysail information can be found on our Yachting Trips website.

More daysails are planned for later in the year, book 2 places during April and get 10% off!

Daysail dates: Saturday 14th April, Sunday 13th May, Saturday 2nd June, Sunday 17th June, Saturday 7th July,  Sunday 5th August, Saturday 1st September, Sunday 16th September

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A Grand Day Out…

November 16th, 2011 alison

Wednesday, 15th June 2011 and yacht “Azores High” slipped its lines and departed Kip Marina early in the morning. The crew on board were on a mission to pick up the crew of Timeline Films who were filming for BBC’s Grand Tours of Scotland. As the yacht sailed south to its destination of Millport Bay the rain seemed continuous, but as we got further south it started to lighten, eventually drying up just in time for us to meet with the rib that would collect the crew from the jetty and bring them out to us.

Grand Day out

With the crew making it out to the yacht dry, cups of tea were issued and then after setting the sails the filming began. With Paul Murton on the helm, the pieces to camera were completed as we sailed through the Cumbrae Pass and past the Tann spit. With the wind dying Richard, the cameraman made a hasty retreat to the rib to get some shots of the yacht sailing from there before being dropped on the beach at Little Cumbrae island to get some shots from shore. With the crew happy that they had all they needed we headed towards Largs where the rib was  to drop them to make their trip home by road. Until… we realised that nobody had picked up Richard from the shore! Beating a hasty retreat and retrieving him we then continued to Largs, dropping off the crew and heading on homewards to Inverkip. We had a great day and look forward to seeing how sailing in Scotland is portrayed in the show.

Andy taking the crew back to Largs

Watch it tonight, Wednesday 16th November at 20.30 on BBC1 Scotland. (And we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they don’t use the clip where the genoa didn’t tack nicely!)

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Celebration Daysail

June 17th, 2011 alison

Meet Linda and Colin who celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with Mainsail Yachting onboard “Pamina”.


After a slow start to Season 2011, plagued by strong winds and heavy rain, we were glad we managed to get them out for a sail and, despite the waterproofs, the day remained largely dry for them!


Thank you for sending us your photos. Skipper John, and crew Laura, had a fab day too and we hope to see you again soon!

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2010 so far…

September 13th, 2010 alison

The 2010 season at Charter For You has been a busy one with not much blogging time, but the changing weather which suggests that the sailing season may not have long left this year has produced a lull and the chance to look back at the season so far.

Our Bavaria 44 “Pamina” had enjoyed a winter sojourn in Lanzarote and made her way back to the Clyde during April. A trip via Madiera, Portugal, France and Ireland,  saw her arriving back at the end of the month with only a few weeks left before she was due out on her first charters. An erupting volcano couldn’t stop her making it back on time! Meanwhile the first RYA courses and bareboat charters of the season were underway.

“Pamina” had an exciting start to her season with a multi-boat stag party to take care of and then a trip to Scottish Series as mother ship to one of the racing boats, along with her usual daysails and family holidays where she got to tour her familiar waters of the Clyde. The other charter boats were also cruising the west coast in style. “Iona” took a few trips up and down the west coast to Badachro, Gairloch, and “Rotozaza” did some milebuilders from Inverkip to Oban so that she could enjoy some West Coast cruising with her owners before going on to do a long West Coast charter with some visitors from Germany. “Clan” also had been taken on a few trips around the Mull and back through the Crinan Canal.

“Blue” the Moody 54 was also doing some long distance cruising this year, after a weeks charter in the Clyde she took a trip up the West Coast and out to the Outer Hebrides for the Clyde Cruising Club’s centenary cruise. She partook in their sunflower of yachts in Loch Drambuie, before dropping her guests in Oban and heading back down to Kip Marina for the rest of the season.

Later “Pamina” was out again on a multi-yacht party and could be seen tearing her way down the Clyde to Lamlash on one of the windiest weekends of the year so far.

Pamina en route to Arran

Pamina en route to Arran

Although it’s raining now, the weather has really been quite kind to us this season. There has been plenty of breeze to provide fantastic sailing and really it is hard to beat sailing up the west coast, round villages and towns… (thank you Deacon Blue). Most of the charterers have experienced wind and sunshine with the odd rain shower, and, hopefully this will continue. Rainy it may be, but it is still warm and with the weather set to improve as the week goes on we hope that the rest of the charters and courses this year will get the weather they are wanting to make their holiday something special.

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The 2010 Season Begins…

April 8th, 2010 alison
Yachts sailing out of Kip Marina

Yachts sailing out of Kip Marina

The Easter weekend has now been and gone, and the weather was kind to us (well, for most of it)! There was good sailing to be had on Saturday and Sunday in between the showers, but unfortunately the holiday Monday was predictably wet and windy. The later part of this week though looks like it will be better and the weekend is looking promising, so make some plans to go and float off your berth, and get some practise in for the season ahead.

Summer 2010 looks to be busy for sailing on the Clyde and West Coast. Fairlie Yacht Club’s racing starts next week, and the weekend musters not long after for both Fairlie and the Clyde Cruising Club. The Clyde Cruising Club celebrates its centenary this year with a two week cruise from Ardfern to the Outer Hebrides and back, with numerous musters, dinners and BBQs along the way, and a sail past in the Clyde.

Meanwhile, at Charter For You we’ve been getting ready for the season, promoting the corporate side of the business “Mainsail” at the Main Event Show in March and prepping and polishing the boats so they’re ready for the charterer’s coming. The first RYA course of the season started on Sunday evening and the first charter went out on Wednesday so it feels like there is more activity around the marina and that sailing season 2010 is officially open!

Also Charter For You is now on Facebook so don’t forget to look us up and become a fan!


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Preparation for Yachtmaster Ocean 2009 by John Rigby Yachtmaster Instructor

February 11th, 2010 John

Early in 2009 a decision was made to take one of the charter yachts, Pamina a Bavaria 44, operated by Charter For You based at Inverkip to the Canaries for the winter of 2009. With the yacht making the return trip in the Spring of 2010.

Pamina en route

Pamina en route

Having worked for Charter For You for the past couple of seasons it was an ideal opportunity for me to work towards my Yachtmaster Ocean qualification.

I completed an intensive theory course in the spring which concentrated on celestial navigation and ocean passage making, but not without thinking that my brain was going into meltdown as I tried to get to grips with the theory behind sun sights and the use of the sextant. Bill the skipper for the whole of the voyage planned the trip in four legs. Inverkip to Southern Ireland, Northern Spain then Madeira, finally arriving in Lanzarote.

Approaching Madeira

Approaching Madeira

I joined the yacht for the leg from La Coruna to Madeira and attached is a link to the narrative log I kept for the 6 days it took to complete the passage.

The narrative log along with the ships log and sun sights taken en route were then presented to an Ocean Examiner for checking, with an oral exam of approximately 2 hours being the final part of the process, which I completed in October.

Although not intending to use the qualification in a professional manner, it was the culmination of a long held ambition of mine and well worth the effort.

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Book your charter or sailing course before 31st January and take advantage of 2009 prices!

January 13th, 2010 alison

Charter For You

Book your charter holiday with Charter For You before the 31st January and still take advantage of 2009 prices!

Details are on our website or contact the office to discuss your charter requirements.

Tel. 01475 528 825 or use the contact form.

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Christmas Shopping!

December 7th, 2009 alison

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Why not buy somebody a daysail? We can supply vouchers for any number of people and they can book their days sailing to suit, with dates running throughout next year.

The itinerary for your day out is flexible. A standard itinerary is as below:

0930 - Arrive at Charter For You Office, Kip Marina where you will get your yachting pack of waterproofs, lifejackets, harness and harness lines. The skipper(s) will introduce themselves and give a short briefing of the day ahead, the weather expected etc. On completion your group move to the pontoon yacht and board one of our yachts.

1015 - A further short onboard safety briefing by the skipper will guide you through safety procedures afloat and you will also be introduced to the deck equipment such as winches, halyards, clutches, boom, emphasising their safe use.

1045 - Mainsail cover ready, the skipper slips the mooring and you’re now on your day sail. The skipper will helm until well outside the marina and the yacht is sailing nicely, then you will be given the opportunity to take part in sailing the yacht, if you wish. You will practice tacking and gybing and make your way towards our lunchtime anchorage. This may be at Millport on the Island of Great Cumbrae, or perhaps the bay at Rothesay or even our own mooring at Innellan. The choice of location is dependent on many factors, including the wind strength and direction on the day.

1245 - Wherever the lunchtime destination, we will aim to be there by about 1245. If more than one boat is used, yachts may raft up, weather permitting, at the anchorage. If the weather is favourable you may have lunch on deck, otherwise in the saloon. It’s a relaxing lunch but we try to keep things moving without rushing.

1400 - Making sure that all is secure, we slip or up anchor and make our way back. If there is more than one boat in the party we may have a fun race back towards our home base at Kip Marina, giving you a chance to improve those sailing skills that you picked up before lunch. Alternatively you may wish to just absorb the scenery, the wildlife and the exhilaration of moving through the water under the power of the wind.

1600 - Approaching the marina, the sails are packed, the deck is tidied and the engine goes on as we reach the marina. The skipper brings the yacht back into the marina and secures her along side.

1700 - You return your sailing pack to the office and perhaps you have a tea or coffee in the café at the marina.

Please call 01475 528 825 or contact the Charter For You office to book your day sail or to get a quotation for any specific requests, eg works outings, team building, group activities etc.

Daysails cost £90 per person and include a soup and sandwich lunch. Vouchers are also available for RYA sailing courses.

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Winter Yacht Care

November 25th, 2009 alison
Snow on the water

Snow on the water

Over the winter it can be hard to fit in looking after your boat around all the festivities. Let Charter For You take the pressure off and keep an eye on your yacht for you. Based at Kip Marina we can respond to the weather when you can’t and check that lines are secure and that electrical connections and equipment such as heaters and dehumidifiers are still working. A number of Winter Care / Guardianage packages are available, and can be tailored to suit your needs. All of which means you can enjoy all the other activities which winter brings while having peace of mind that your boat is being cared for.

Details are available from Charter For You. Fill in the contact form, or call us on 01475 528 825

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